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Copyright Resources for Music Educators

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Copyright Resources for Music Educators


Although there may be individual exceptions by publishers, you should not have more copies of a piece of music you have paid for.  This means that if the packet you order only has 4 flute or alto voice pieces included, you must purchase the additional pieces needed so that all people have a legally obtained copy of the music. Individual publishers may give you permission for other limited types of copying.  Make sure you request permission from publishers well in advance of the planned usage so that if permission is not granted, you have time to secure legal copies of music.  They usually require either a mechanical license or a license obtained directly from the publisher if you are making recordings of your concerts.


National Music Association for Educators - This links directly to their "United States Copyright Law:  A guide for music Educators.  A must view for all music educators.  Web address:  http://www.menc.org/information/copyright/copyr.html


Arrangers Publishing Company - Their catalog lists prices which give you a certain number of each instrument.  If you need more than are included in the package, they are available individually at a reasonable cost.  Web address:  http://arrangerspublishingcompany.com/


Carl Fischer Publishing Company - They have very specific copyright information as it pertains to works published by their company.  Web address:  http://www.carlfischer.com/Fischer/copyright.html


Grand Mesa Music - Although they do not have a direct link to copyright information, their guidelines are similar to the other publishers.  Contact them directly for information on individual pieces.  Web address:  http://www.grandmesamusic.com/


CL Barnhouse Company - They have a comprehensive copyright section for recording and arranging.  Web address http://www.barnhouse.com/copyright.php


Alfred Publishing - They have a easy to use copyright section.  Web address:  http://www.alfred.com/alfredweb/front/Contact.aspx?pageid=91&catid=48


Hal Leonard - Their website seems to make it as easy as possible to secure proper permissions for use of their music.  They have a great FAQ section that should answer most of your questions, and a simple format to request permissions.  Web address:  http://www.halleonard.com/permissions/


National Music Publishers Association - General information about copyright and music.  Web address:  http://www.nmpa.org/home/index.asp


Harry Fox Mechanical Licensing - A source for you to secure rights to record music.  Web address:  http://www.harryfox.com/index.jsp


JW Pepper - This publisher has an e-music area where you can purchase and then print the music you have printed. Web address: http://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/welcome.jsp


CD Sheet Music offers a comprehensive selection of published scores and sheet music available on a CD that you can purchase a site license to give you printing rights.  Web address:  http://www.cdsheetmusic.com/


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